Ocean Infinity

Max Worsley

The Ocean Infinity facility in Southampton ©boyleandsummers

..there is a strong biophilic design element weaved throughout the building—the integration of the natural world with the built environment.

The living wall at the Ocean Infinity headquarters runs from the ground through to the upstairs offices © Alex Watson Boyle + Summers

Ocean Infinity is an international ocean technology company operating robotic fleets to expand our knowledge of the oceans, with the goal of using innovative technology to transform operations at sea to enable people and the planet to thrive.

A 'bridge' in the Remote Control Centre © Alex Watson Boyle + Summers

Sustainability and the environment are passions of mine and a core value of Ocean Infinity that is integral to the way we operate. The environment was considered in every decision that was made during the design of this facility with Southampton-based architects Boyle + Summers. When designing the facility, it was also important to reflect Ocean Infinity’s values and culture throughout the building; a collaborative, open plan office, promoting inclusivity and creativity was important, and we combined this with our passion for sustainability and the environment.

The specially designed etched glass on the staircase at Ocean Infinity © Alex Watson Boyle + Summers

Our entire Southampton facility runs on renewable energy. 90% of the internal walls and ceilings are constructed from Fermacell, a completely recycled and sustainable alternative to plasterboard made up of only recycled paper, gypsum and water with no additional glues. We’ve installed solar panels on the roof, electric vehicle charging bays, motion sensor taps and lux level and motion sensor LED lighting. In fact, the facility itself is made to thrive alongside our people and planet: there is a strong biophilic design element weaved throughout the building—the integration of the natural world with the built environment. There are numerous documented benefits to the incorporation of nature, such as improved air quality and increased productivity, creativity and mental wellbeing. In line with this, we have installed a 10m by 3m living wall from the downstairs office area up through the lightwell and into the upstairs office area, in addition to many indoor and outdoor planters and landscaping.

Our Remote Control Centre sits at the heart of the facility and is where our fleet of autonomous vessels and robots are monitored and operated from. The room is futuristic and exciting, with state-of-the-art equipment and technology. I love the feeling when you enter the room, or watching guests and clients enter for the first time and their eyes widen. It is a very impressive space, and a testament to the even more impressive technological feat we are achieving from the RCC itself.

Personally, I feel that we all have an obligation and duty to make sure that every new building that we establish on this planet is created in a way that is not only sustainable, but beneficial to the people and planet around it. It is exciting researching and finding new and innovative systems and technology that can be used in buildings to reduce their carbon footprint, or even better, ensure there isn’t one.

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