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"...it opened a door into a world of brilliant excursions in dance music."

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I went to fabric on the opening night back in 1999 . Walking in for the first time I thought to myself, this is exactly how it should feel walking into a nightclub. Total disorientation, a labyrinth of sound. It took me around three years to get my bearings on the place. The design, architecture, style and ambience was totally unique. While alien, it felt totally comfortable, it’s somewhere I look forward to visiting to this day.

© Fabric Archive

When entering fabric you just keep walking down the stairs ( it was originally a cold storage place for the Smithfield’s meat market ) and down again well below street level. There are three different rooms of various sizes . Room 1 and Room 2 are the larger rooms and room 3 the more intimate room . The internal design I would describe as quite brutal finish cement walls with wooden floors.

Metropolitan House at the beginning of the transformation. © Fabric Archive © Fabric Archive

The psychoacoustics in room 1 and later in room 2 make the whole floor a bass cabinet, creating the impression of a much greater sound pressure level. It’s an innovative concept that many other venues have since adopted. Something else that makes fabric truly stand out back then and to this day is the eclecticism of the curation on each night. Each room has a different genre of music, you could walk through spaces enveloped in Breakbeat, move into Drum and Bass and a few steps further you’re met with Techno. I love that, it opened a door into a world of brilliant excursions in dance music.

© Fabric Archive © Fabric Archive © Fabric Archive

"20 years later and I still get the same buzz when I walk into the place ."

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